About Piano Dreaming

As a musician
I tend to my skills, my artistry
and the spirit of community.
But above all,
I tend to my soul.

~ Annette Christensen

All music featured on Piano Dreaming is published by The Music Garden - an Australian music publishing business featuring the original compositions of Annette Christensen. 

Piano Dreaming features Annette's piano music. If you are interested in Annette's other compositions, you may like to visit      The Music Garden's website: www.themusicgarden.com.au

Known to have melodies form in her head whilst driving, Annette then usually scrambles about looking for a scrap piece of paper to jot down the main ideas.  Otherwise, her compositions usually start with an improvisation on an instrument.

Annette and her husband are both music teachers, with a collection of about twenty-four instruments between them (they would still like to buy a banjo and a piano accordion). A couple of these instruments are played by their daughters, who also sing beautifully.